What You Should Be Eating For Perfect Skin

Unfortunately I wasn’t born with flawless skin. I’m always on the hunt for finding tips & tricks to make my skin glow! What you eat plays a huge role in your appearance. If you eat bad food all the time it will show but if you load up on healthy choices you’ll glow! Lol! That rhymes.

Drink some green tea or Kombucha.
Okay so if you follow TBD on snapchatty, which you should, you know my complete obsession with green tea and Kombucha! Ugh yum, I can’t get enough!! Drinking green tea is known to fight acne and improve skin due to the high anti-oxidants in rich green tea, if you aren’t a fan – try Kombucha. Kombucha detoxifies, hydrates and improves skin elasticity. You can even find skincare products that contain Kombucha! I go to my local juicery for my Kombucha but you can find a couple of options in your local whole foods. Personally, I would do some research and find out where you can get your Kombucha fresh because usually the ones from the grocery store are filled with preservatives in order to keep a longer shelf life.

Eat poached eggs and avocado in the morning!
I’ve recently been a huge fan of eggs and avocado in the morning. It’s healthy and gives you the energy you need for the day. It’s not just delicious, but good for your skin too! So, avocados are packed with vitamin C and E which helps the skin’s luminosity and also reduces any skin inflammation you may have, while eggs are a great source of protein and are full with essential components for your skin such as minerals that help reduce the look of aging. If you aren’t a huge avocado fan, you can try some of these delicious smoothies.

Skin problems? Hydrate!
I cant stress enough the importance of drinking water! Water will make you feel amazing in allll aspects of your life. Throw some lemons into it too! I also always order water at restaurants or if I’m feeling something different, I’ll ask for sparkling water with extra limes! Mmmm! Water helps flush out all the nasty stuff in our bodies! Try drinking at the least, 4 bottles of water per day and notice how your skin glows!

Berry Everything!
I’m talking about blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, stuff them into your morning smoothie! Berries are jam packed with fiber which will keep you full throughout the day! I also stick chia seeds in my smoothies and yogurt to keep me full all day! Berries are also known to clear skin because they are loaded with antioxidants!

Sweet Potatoes!
Sweet potatoes have proved themselves to me. It did take some getting used too but done right, they are delicious! I’ll cut my sweet potatoes into strips like fries and sprinkle them with sea salt! Delish! Not only are they a yummy substitute for regular potatoes but they are filled with vitamin A which keeps oxygen flowing to your skin.

We all have our cravings and love an occasional splurge of shitty food. But each time you take a bite of that burger, remember it’ll show on the outside too.

Eat foods that are grow from the ground! Your skin will thank you.

What are you making for dinner tonight?

xx, B


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