Oats & Honey Mask

Oats & Honey Mask

Great for moisturizing dry skin and easy to find ingredients in your kitchen. Perfect for all skin types. I love this remedy because it soothes your skin leaving you with instant results!
Mix an equal amount of oats and honey until consistency is a thick paste. Apply to your face evenly while gently scrubbing in a circular motion. Go to sleep & wash off first thing in the morning for super smooth moisturized skin.

Face Mask for dark circles

Too much work & Too little sleep? If you’re one of the many women who have trouble finding the correct eye creams for yourself than this simple home remedy is just for you. The cold weather is our skins worst enemy. Our skin dries, cracks & chaps because us ladies are not meant for the bitter cold and windy weather. The skin under your eye is extremely thin so it’s important to hydrate and moisturize.
*Combine fresh lemon juice with a few drops of Almond Oil and mix together then apply mixture before bed to help dark circles.

You can find Almond Oil at your local drugstore

Coconut Oil & Tea Tree Oil Mask

These two oils combined are amazing. The oils work together to help reduce and eliminate redness and acne. This serum will help treat and prevent blemishes on your face.
Mix a few drops of Tea Tree Oil to a spoonful of Coconut Oil and combine until a clear serum has been formed. Spread on your face before bed then wash off in the morning for amazing results

Tea Tree Oil & Coconut Oil can be found at any natural market


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