The Easiest 4-Step Plan To Say Bye To Frizzy Hair

Summer + my hair = poodle

Lol, but seriously!! I am ALWAYS fighting with my frizzy hair. Pool parties, summer BBQ’s? Forget about it.

The bathroom is filled with every anti-frizz product in the entire world (sorry, babe). It’s a really big problem.

Finding out what works for your hair when it comes to combating frizz is near to impossible.

BUT, luckily I’ve been through the works with my hair and can share a few little secrets with you on how to tame the infamous frizz.


STEP ONE: Seal the cuticle before you wash
Boar Bristle brushes are the next best thing. I was never picky about my hair brush until realizing it made a huge difference when styling my hair. These Boar Bristle Brushes have been around for hundreds of years! The bristles naturally condition the hair from the scalp to the ends. But the best part is that these brushes actually stimulate the scalp and seal the cuticle. Sealing the cuticle is a must if you don’t want frizzy hair! After you wash your hair, seal the cuticle with a little bit of cold water or blow dry your hair on cool to keep hair frizz free and soft! Amazing, right?

STEP TWO: Don’t make the number one washing mistake
Are you ladies taking notes? You better be.

So, when you wash your hair you want to start from the middle of the scalp and work your way up to the top of your head. DO NOT put shampoo through the ends of your hair- sooo drying!

When you are drying your hair, don’t flatten your hair over your part either. It creates flyaways and you will lose texture. Dry it all over and use a diffuser! My diffuser has completely changed my hair.

I also use a Morrocanoil Treatment which has done wonders for my hair and frizz!

STEP THREE: Ditch your reg bath towels

Okay, so I’m a complete sucker for the whole towel on head method. I’ve lived by it since I was a little girl. But this method is sooooo bad for your hair. THIS could be your main enemy, girls. The fabric of the towels are extremely drying and they actually strip all of the water and good oils from your hair. You know those annoying little broken hairs that stick up alll damn day, this is why!

Microfiber towels are life changing. Your hair will thank you x 10000. This is the one I use right here! Its super cheap and totalllly worth it!

STEP FOUR: Pillow Case!
In case you haven’t noticed, frizz comes from a shit ton of friction! If you spend a lot of time on your pillow…like me…. you probably have a serious case of bed head (don’t judge)! Luckily you can just switch your pillow case and not have to worry about frizz! I’m in love with Illuminage’s Silk Rejuvenating Pillowcases. They actually smooth your hair overnight, meaning you’ll never wake up with a bedhead again! They also contain some great skincare benefits too– now that’s what I call beauty sleep!

Sweet dreams, babes!




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