Eyebrows & What Product Works Best For You

Eyebrows are currently #trending.

THICK and bushy eyebrows have never been more IN.

I wish someone would have told me this was coming years ago that way I could have ditched the tweezers. LOL. Seriously though, I know I wasn’t the only one who rocked the pencil thin eyebrow look… Don’t deny it.

Growing up, I had THICK eyebrows. Potentially a unibrow if we’re being honest here.

You get the point. There has been lots of trial and error.

But why are brows trending??

Truth be told, they literally shape your face. Eyebrows are like the shoes of an outfit. Either they make or break it.

Thanks to all of my brow issues, I’ve been able to try pretty much every type of brow product out there.

How do you know which product is right for you?


Powders are great if you are looking for a fuller brow. These are a few of my favorite brow powder products. I would recommend setting your brows after using powder with gel. That will ensure that the powder won’t fade throughout the day.



Pencils are perfect for defining your brow and giving it a bold look. Pencil is also great if you are looking to fill in any areas or redefine the arch of your brow. When filling in your brow, use short flicks to create hairlike strokes that will blend in easy with your current brow hairs. Sometimes I like to use a pencil to fill in the areas that need more hair and then I go in with powder to fill it in.


Pomade’s will give you the boldest, most defined brow. I typically use pomade’s when going for a full makeup/evening look.

Always start with a clean brush. A clean brush will ensure that you get super precise hairlike strokes. Start with the smallest amount on your brush and apply just like you would with a pencil- quick flicks. You can always apply more product as needed but deff start small!


I wear gel on my brows every single day. It’s the perfect option if you already have thick brows but you want that POP. Using gel by itself will really give you that natural brow look. Remember to brush up!

You can also use gel after pencil or powder to set the look!

What are your favorite brow products? Comment your brow routine down below!


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