MEET Fitness Gurus + Total Babes: FITCITYBLONDE GIRLS

I’m an avid Instagram stalker (no shame).

I found the famous fitness guru’s behind the blog, Fit City Blonde and instantly became obsessed!

All of the girls behind Fit City Blonde are not only unique but they all share a special bond with their passion for a well-balanced life. The Fit City Blonde girls are pretty much a community. They are a perfect source if you are looking for advice on fitness, food, or tips for living a healthy lifestyle.

I knew these girls would be a great touch to TBD. They are so fabulous and inspirational.

So let’s get talkin’…


Hi Fit City Blonde babes, so excited to have you on TBD! So, Introduce yourself:

FCB: Our Brand – FitCityBlonde isn’t just for girls. It’s not just for blondes. We came up with FitCityBlonde as a way to identify ourselves, but in no way are we exclusive to who we represent or with whom we share our passion for a well-balanced life. We’re normal (is anyone really normal?), busy, young professionals trailblazing our way through big cities across the country. Our goal is to become a valuable source of intel on fitness, food and fun for other busy twentysomethings, uncovering the healthiest scenes from coast-to-coast and keeping it real along the way.


Christina: I don’t think ‘athletic’ is a term that has ever been used to describe me, and I am totally ok with that. I grew up taking my energy out on the tennis courts, and when I got to college I dabbled in the occasional run, barre class, and gym workout, to prevent the freshman fifteen from becoming the forever fifteen. As a postgrad  in a new city, I turned to fitness for both stress relief and community.  Now, I’m living it up in Chicago as a twentysomething who loves to workout almost as much as she still loves to stay out till the break of dawn.   


Jeannie: While growing up in Minnesota, my fitness journey began in the pool, wearing hockey skates, and with a lacrosse stick in hand (not all at once – that would be weird). From age 10 to 18, I was involved in organized sports. When I left for college in Indiana, I felt lost in my fitness with no coach and no whistle. I turned to Corepower Yoga and became a certified sculpt instructor, teaching classes at Saint Mary’s College for a year. Now, I’m a highly caffeinated Chicago twentysomething who’s busy balancing the corporate world, sweating off pizza, exploring the city’s fitness classes, and dreaming of the days I can make fitness my career.


Elizabeth: Unlike Christina, I always described myself as an athlete – I actually went to Notre Dame on a soccer scholarship.  So, you can imagine when my career and the days of someone telling me exactly what to eat, when to run, how fast to run and for how long, etc. (not to mention all of this being totally paid for), that I felt a bit lost.  Which is not to say I’ve been “found,” but I’m now on my own fitness journey and learning (by many a trial-and-error) what works for me and my health and happiness, all while learning to balance the “real world” out in San Francisco.


Weekly Workout Schedule (how do you keep the bod perf): 

Jeannie: ClassPass has become my new obsession! It makes it easy for me to set a schedule, and hard for me to skip a workout. Find me at FlyWheel, Corepower, SWEAT Chicago, or Title Boxing Club most nights of the week.

Secret Beauty Tip:

Christina: I am in absolute love with my Clarisonic Mia facial cleansing brush. Twice a day.  My face is softer than a baby’s bottom.


Day In The Life Of A Fit City Blonde Babe:

Jeannie: No day begins without grabbing a coffee on my walk to work, which is where I spend most of my time crunching numbers and creating budgets (nerdy). At night, I’m running (late) to a workout class or hitting up Chicago’s restaurant scene for a bite with friends.

Favorite Go-To Healthy Snack:

Elizabeth: breakfast… Always. I’ll make eggs at any hour or Greek yogurt + almonds + granola + fruit.


Cocktail Of Your Choice:

Jeannie: Spicy margarita on the rocks with salt (terrible, I know). Trying to find a healthier alternative…so if you know of any, please send my way!


Styles You’re Loving Lately: 

Elizabeth: all about the graphic tees, ripped jeans or lulu’s (always… I’ll even wear them to work disguised with a “nice” shirt as “business casual”), beanie’s (I’m in SF.. have to be #hipster) and top knots. But also that #sweaterweather tho… 

Favorite Healthy Recipe:

Lululemon Fitness Oatmeal Healthy

Jeannie: THIS… Because #oatmeal and #lululemon, duh.

Tips For Success:

Christina: Get enough sleep, laugh a lot, and live the dream. Your dream.


A Message To Your Fans & Other Dreamers:

Good things come to those who HUSTLE. Don’t wait for your dream to magically fall into place; work hard, hustler harder, and don’t forget to celebrate each victory.


The Blondes



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