Beauty Tip: Lemon Water


♡ Beauty Tip: Lemon Water ♡

  1. Balances PH: Reduces overall acidity.
  2. Boots immune system: Lemon water stimulates the brain and nerve functions.
  3. Weight loss: Lemon water helps fight hunger cravings. Count me in!
  4. Bye-Bye Pimples: Helps decrease blemishes + wrinkles thanks to vitamin C.
  5. Rids bad breath: Uhhhh who wants bad breath?
  6. Flush it: This is my favorite thing ever: the juice from the lemons helps flush out yucky materials. Helps with digestion + constipation. Happy flushing!
  7. Perfect Diuretic: YES! Such a great bloat killer (you know I love a good bloat killer). Lemons make you pee a shit ton- which rids toxins.
  8. L8R, Stress: Vitamin C is your BFF when you are stressed + under pressure.

I ALWAYS enjoy my lemon water first thing in the morning. It’s so refreshing and a great way to start off your day!


– Post workout drink
– Alkalizes the body
– Asthma treatment
– Balances blood sugar levels
– Balances PH levels
– Caffeine replacement
– Detoxifies
– Kills free radicals
– Radiant skin
– Treats + prevents kidney stones
– UTI prevention
– Brain food
– Heart food

Happy lemon water drinking, babes!

xxx B


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