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Hey babes!

This is a sponsored post in partnership with European Wax Center and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.

Nothing is better than freshly waxed, trimmed and shaped eyebrows, am I right?
I’m an eyebrow fanatic… as crazy as that sounds. I just think it’s so important to keep your brows maintained and clean.

I’m going to show you how to get this super bold brow look for fall!

So, my eyebrows and I have been through A LOT.

Back when I was in elementary school by brows were total Brooke Shields on steroids. No joke.
I was super self-conscious about my brows, so when I got into middle school and got ahold of tweezers, it was a disaster. I think this is when they came up with the term “pencil thin.”
During my high school and now college years, I refuse to pluck! I keep the natural shape and thickness of my brow but have them cleaned up at a salon.

Now, this brings me to a whole other situation.


Finding the right salon is tricky. You are basically trusting someone with your life.
I am extremely picky about which salons I go to. They need to be clean, comfortable and friendly. Sanitation is so important especially because your skin is involved.
So, recently The European Wax center opened up right near my house! I had heard amazing stories so I figured I needed to give them a try!

So, the salon is super chic! It’s definitely a step up from getting them done at a nail salon.

The European Wax center lives by a 4-step approach which I LOVE.
Get Your Wax On

One thing that I really liked about my experience is that they removed all of the makeup and oil PRIOR to waxing. This is key when avoiding an allergic reaction or bad breakout post wax.
The waxing went by super quick.

When I get my brows done, I always make sure to tell them JUST to clean up and that I don’t want to go any thinner. They followed my request and I couldn’t be happier!

I also picked up some goodies from their center.


Brow Brush: Use this to keep the shape of your brow and accomplish that clean & sleek brow look
Light Weight Powder: This will enhance the color of your brows, texture and thickness. I usually save this for a night out to achieve that more dramatic look.
Brow Mascara: Brow mascara is honestly one of my favorite inventions. Brow mascara is perfect for locking in all of your little hairs in place. It also gives you more definition and boldness to your brow without looking unnatural. Sometimes I skip the powder and I will just use this during the day and at night.
Highligher: Finish off your brow look with a little highlighter underneath your brow. This will make you glow! It’ll also make your brows look defined and clean. This step is crucial when finishing your night out look!
My experience was great! I feel so happy to have found a place that not only specializes in brow waxing but does a fantastic job!

* Now through December 31, get $5 off a Strut Boldly™ product when you show this post at your local EWC center.!

Happy waxing!

*This is at participating centers only, while supplies last


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  1. Alanna
    October 3, 2016 / 9:18 pm

    Your brows look perfect! I will be making my appointment this week!!

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