So I have 5 amazing beauty hacks that I’ve been loving lately.

5 amazing beauty hacks

1. Face – If you haven’t added a jade roller into your beauty routine, you need to ASAP. Jade rollers help reduce wrinkles and helps improve circulation.

2. Lips – Who wants crusty lips? Uh, no one. Stacked Skincare is an incredible brand and I’m obsessed with their hydrating lip peel. It’s SO good. I put a little bit on my lips before applying any lipstick or lipgloss. This works wonders for matte lipstick!

3. Skin – A mud mask is always important to have in your beauty routine. This mud mask helps with skin congestion like no other! It’s magic! You will notice results almost immediately.

best beauty products

4. Eyes OZ Naturals is another one of my favorite beauty brands. This eye gel is amazing. Put a little bit on after a long night to reduce puffiness. I also use it as a primer for my concealer!

best beauty products

5. Body Beauty dust is essential in your routine. Add a little bit into your morning shake or a glass of water before bed! Your skin will thank you.

What are your favorite beauty products?




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