How to Save Your Hair This Winter

Hey cuties.

I am currently writing this bundled up with 15 blankets…

It has been freezing cold these past few weeks. Like, when it’s cold I literally cannot function.

My skin gets dry, lips get dry and my hair gets DRY. The winter makes me shrivel up like a little helpless prune. It’s pretty sick.

I’ve been on the hunt to help my hair stay hydrated and beautiful this bitter winter. I searched high and low for the solution and aaaahhhaaa… I found it!

I’ve recently been HOOKED on this brand, Dessange Paris. They have tons of fab collections but their Oleo Miracle Collection caught my eye. Well, actually… the world “miracle” caught my eye. Because, damn my hair needed a miracle.

The Dessange Paris Oleo Miracle Collection is infused with nutrients from natures’s most amaaazing oils. I mean, orange, gardenia petals and sandalwood works wonders on the effects of the cold weather on your hair. This collection is also fab if you have chemically damaged or environmentally damaged hair.

My hair is 100x softer and healthier.

So, here is what comes in the collection.

Replenishing Shampoo- Infused with micro-drops of oils. Super light weight formula which leaves hair clean and NOT greasy.

Replenishing Conditioner- This is the second step in the process of reviving your hair. This conditioner adds a shit ton of shine to your mane and also repairs the hair’s fiber for healthier, restored strands. I’m obsessed with this conditioner!

Replenishing Oil- You only need a few drops for this stuff to work its magic. It completely nourishes your dry hair without leaving any residue or grease. Sometimes I’ll throw a little bit of this in my hair before blowing drying too!


This collection is a must-have this bitter cold winter. My hair is thanking me soooo much!

You can buy this exclusive product at Target!




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