Let’s Talk Essential Oils… What’s the Hype?

Okay, so… I’m completely new to essential oils. Why? Well the word oil makes me run in the opposite direction. LOL. Just being honest.

But I recently tried different facial oils and I’m OBSESSED.

So, I figured I’d give essential oils a try & see what the hype is really all about!

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I’m excited because I love love love finding new tips & tricks! Also- essential oils make me feel like a witch doctor, so that’s fun too.

Essential oils may be trending right now but they are actually a super old remedy. Not to mention, they have a shit ton of AMAZING benefits.

♡ Topically: Rub a few drops on the desired area of your body. Use it as massage oil or simply apply it to a specific desired area and rub it in! I use mine on my forehead, behind the ears, or between my palms.

♡ Dietary: Add 1-2 drops to your water, tea, juice, or any beverage! You can also add a few drops to your meals when cooking or use it in smoothies or yogurt. Always make sure the instructions say it is for internal use! I love adding mine to my morning smoothies! Yum!

There SO many essential oils on the market but I’ve been loving these from Whole Apothecary.

There are oils for literally everything! You want to feel like you’re on top of the world (motivated/high on life), there’s an oil for it. How about feeling calm/relaxed, there’s an oil for it. There’s even an oil to help you feel better if you are sick!

Basically, oils are trending because they are the shit.

I got the entire aromatherapy bundle from Whole Apothecary. I needed it all! And it was only $26.


A little about the oils…


This cooling blend is formulated to ease congestion and respiratory symptoms. Made with organic essential oils, specifically known for their abilities to help open the airways and fight respiratory infections.


This energizing blend is juicy and refreshing, perfect to use in the morning or whenever you need a little boost. It’s infused with a citrine gemstone, an uplifting and joyful stone that clears negative energies.


This blend features organic and wildcrafted essential oils that stimulate the mind and promote concentration and focus


This calming aromatherapy blend is formulated to relax and encourage a blissful night’s sleep. Made with a particularly calming blend of organic and wildcrafted essential oils in a sunflower oil base, this roll-on is a great addition to your nightstand and carry-on bag.


This cool blend was developed to help fight headaches and migraines. It’s made with calming and relaxing essential oils, magnesium oil, and an amethyst gemstone to help shake it all up.

GUYS, there’s also an essential oil dictionary! So you can look up anything you might need an oil for and find it!

Well, what do you think about oils? Yes? No? What are your favorites?


Talk soon, xx



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