Braidless Sew-In Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

Braidless hair extensions & everything you need to know!

Hello, beauties!

I’ve been wearing extensions since I was about 14/15 years old. I’ve tried almost every method out there when it comes to extensions.

Side note: I’ve tried almost EVERY brand of clip-in extensions in the market (Bellami, Foxy locks, Luxy Hair, Glam Seamless, & the list goes on) Tape-in extensions and Microlink extensions. 

So, I’m here to share with you my newest obsession: Braidless Hair Extensions.

The best way to explain braidless hair extensions is like having permanent clip-ins.

I am multi-racial so I think that I am able to speak for different types of hair. That said, I think regardless of your hair texture- this method could definitely work for you.

braidless hair extensionsHow is this different from a sew-in weave?

A typical sew in weave is when your hair is braided and then the extensions are weaved into the braids.

Braidless is when no braids are required and your natural hair is exposed. I think if you are going for a more natural look, this is the best option for you because all of your natural hair will be exposed as well as the extensions. When your natural hair is exposed, you are able to part it how you like and style it however you’d like too.

How long does it last?

Depending on how fast your hair grows, maintenance is typically needed every 2-3 months.

Is it healthy for your hair?

Anytime you are doing something “unnatural” to your hair there are going to be pros and cons. I personally think that this method is a better solution compared to other methods because no glue or heat is required and your hair is not braided. You are able to wash your hair as if you normally would without them.

What’s the process?

Braidless hair extensions use a combination of sewing in the hair (without braids) and micro links. Micro links are tiny little beads that are clamped onto the hair. Each micro link is attached to a small portion of hair to create a base that goes across your head. The extensions are then sewn onto the links.

Can I style my hair the same? 

Yes! I am able to wear my hair in a ponytail, bun, or half up. Depending on the quality of the hair extensions, you are also able to use direct heat on them to style. I have naturally curly hair so this was a must.

It’s been about a week since I had the extensions done and I am obsessed. The process was super easy and they feel VERY natural. I love this method over any other because my hair is a lot fuller.

My hair stylist (follow her on instagram) specializes in hair extensions and is located in Maryland near DC. She has been doing my hair for over a year and is amazing. CLICK HERE TO BOOK HER


Now, here’s the part you’ve been waiting for…. the BEFORE & AFTER


braidless hair extensions

braidless sew in extensions

braidless sew in extensions


Please message me if you have any questions! Make sure to check out “My Tips for Frizz-Free Hair” , I use all of those products when styling my extensions.




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