Want to be the first to try an exclusive product from Tone®?

Tone body wash

Heeeey babes.
It’s Friday!! I’m so haaappy. Well, not just cause it’s Friday but because I AM PARTNERING WITH TONE® TO LAUNCH THEIR NEW PRODUCT. (Yes, that was me screaming)

I’ve always been a huge fan of Tone®. Tone® is a women’s body wash and bar soap brand with a variety of spa-inspired products, all tailored to different skincare needs. Amazing, right? I love a good skin care brand that knows how to work with all skin types- not just one.

Okay, so here’s how you come into play…

Tone® is allowing YOU guys to get your hands on this product before it hits shelves. Ummm, pretty cool right? Who doesn’t want first dibs on a product before it comes out?

All ya gotta do is just click the link below!



P.S. This post is sponsored by Tone® but all opinions are my own.


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