Seriously Obsessing Over Buddha Bowls

Hey babes, Lauren here!

Personally I love “rabbit” food as some may call it or as others may just say clean, green, healthy foods. A buddha bowl in my mind is something that calms the body… All of the nutritional values that it includes makes you feel like a brand new person. The thing that makes a buddha bowl so perfect is that you get to choose all of your favorite veggies, fruits, grains, protein and mix it all together. Sometimes your concoctions may look weird or may not seem like they’ll taste that great together but mixing all of those flavors on a plate or a bowl makes your taste buds go wild!!

Step 1 for creating your bowl: 

Pick a leafy green base




-Baby spring mix


Step 2: 

Pick your grain

-Brown rice

-Wild rice


-Sweet potato

Step 3: 

Pick your protein

– Chickpeas





-Blackbean burgers


-Chicken etc.

Step 4: 

Pick your veggies and fruits

-Raw or cooked

-Anything green





-All berries






Step 5:




-Peanut sauce




-Siracha sauce

Enjoy these tips and hints to making your favorite Buddha bowl!

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