Not a Morning Person? 3 Things That Will Give You Energy In The Morning

I am NOT a morning person. Well, maybe now I am… But, waking me up used to be equivalent to pulling teeth. Are you the same way?

I just love being comfy in my bed. LOL.

Well, regardless if you are just lacking energy in the morning or if you are a seasoned profesh at conquering your mornings.. we could all use some morning tips? Right?

Bad habits are made in the mornings which causes your day to be blahhh.

One of the WORST things you could do in the morning is check your phone first thing. I’ll admit this is something I could deff work on but I feel like by the AM there is already so much to catch up on.

Here’s the thing, we need to slow down. Being overworked is never a good thing and will seriously affect your day.

Anyways, enough with the bad habits. Let’s get into the good ones…

Start the morning with a supplement

If you’re just feeling yucky and down in the dumps, there’s a chance your body might not be getting what it needs. B12 and B6 are the best for boosting your energy. Taking these supplements in the morning will reduce tiredness and allow you to not rely on coffee. 

Write your routine on a notecard

Okay, so routines in the morning are key to a successful day. My boyfriend is known for his morning routines. It is so on point every single day that I could literally do HIS routine for him with my eyes closed. LOL. I wish I was kidding. BUT, he is always so energized and ready to take on the world at 5 AM.

If you’re anything like me, you need a shit ton of reminders.

Write down your ideal routine on a notecard or paper, just somewhere you’ll see it every day. Build your morning routine in a healthy way. Schedule it around things that will give you energy. Do you really need to scroll through Instagram for 45 minutes? Probs not. Spend that time making a healthy smoothie, meditating and getting your day started.

Stuff your face with coconut oil

Having two tablespoons of coconut oil every morning has been proven to increase energy levels. Coconut oil contains a saturated fats called MCTs. When digested, these MCTs are transported directly to the liver and converted into energy instead of stored as fat. AND, its super yummy! Sometimes I’ll throw some coconut oil into my smoothies too. 

How does that sound for a good day?



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