My Little Secret

~Shh…Don’t tell~  

Hey! You’ve popped your head in at just the right time!
I’m about to fill you in on the latest and greatest obsession of mine. I’m sure you’ve seen my posts on detox’s and diets (blah blah blah) BUT, at the end of the day that is all bologna to me cause I’m a girl who loves to eat! Yes, don’t get me wrong an occasional cleanse is always good for the body but so is taking care of your body on a REGULAR basis.

Let me tell you a little about my secret…

A couple of months ago my diet consisted of Panera and that deathly burrito bowl we all cant live without (you know what i’m talking about). I found myself sluggish and just plain GROSS. Not only was my skin god-awful but so was my mood. If you know me, you know there is nothing I love more than a giant greasy burger NOM! But unfortunately, a burger wasn’t going to get me the abs or tight booty I wanted.

Becoming religious in the gym is a lot harder than most people may think. So I had to start thinking a little differently, instead of looking at going to the gym as a dreadful chore, I started to look at it as a normal ‘every day habit’. You wouldn’t leave the house in the morning without brushing your teeth, right? The same thing goes with exercising. Start to think “I wont go to bed without working out.” Then bam! You’ll have fresh breath and a firm butt {what else do you need?} J

Long story short– One day when I was looking for some ‘workout motivation’ on instagram, I came across my true inspiration- Kayla Itsiness. As I scrolled (jaw dropped) through her instagram I became so inspired. Not only inspired to get the body I crave but to obtain a healthy lifestyle. Kayla posts ‘transformation’ pictures of NORMAL girls who are just trying to receive a good, healthy body. Girls of all shapes, sizes, and ages who have had REAL results. Amazing right? Well, I quickly went onto her website because I couldn’t get enough! Kayla offers two books “The bikini body guide” and the “HELP” book. I own both of the books and must say it changed my life in a way I didn’t think was possible. Any one can pick up a workout tape or diet plan, but Kayla’s guide is healthy, hard work yet rewarding.. Not to mention her workouts are FUN.

The Bikini Body Guide is 12 weeks total. Throughout those 12 weeks you have the opportunity to achieve the healthy lifestyle and body you hope for. The book contains different types of workouts and explains each workout step- by- step. Each week there are 2 workouts (circuits). Each circuit is 7 minutes. During the 7 minutes you will be given 4-5 workouts to complete. Once you are finished you move onto the next circuit and can repeat both if you’d like.
Here’s an example…

I’m a huge fan of every workout in her guide. I put a great playlist in, set my timer for 7 minutes, and work out as hard as I possibly can during that time. Take a break. Then repeat! I like to try and “beat” my time each workout! I’ve even heard from other women who are using Kayla’s guide that their boyfriends cant handle this workout! HA

I’m completely obsessing over Kayla’s blog and book! I would highly advise you to check it out!

I’m going to be posting awesome recipes, tips, workouts, and of course my results!

See you soon!

XO Brianna


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