Don’t Drink Black Coffee If You Don’t Like It

I Came across this today and it made me think about a lot in my life… I wanted to share it with all of you- Sometimes all we need is a little reminder that everything is going to be ok

“1. Life is made up of so many moments. Don’t let a few bad ones ruin the rest. Whether you’re five or sixteen or twenty-two, you have many years ahead of you. There are going to be bad days and horrible nights, but they make the good times all the more worthwhile.

2. You’re going to have thousands of firsts. Your first concert, first kiss, first F on a test, first roller coaster ride, first broken heart, first job, first thing you crossed off your bucket list, and so many more. You’re always going to remember the first time you did something, but you never know when it’s going to be the last. Don’t bullshit or half-ass anything. Full ass it, and turn the bullshit into actual shit that is going to benefit you. Put effort into the things you do, it’ll pay off.

3. Cry. Let a few tears spill down your check or sob like you don’t know how to breathe. If you’re embarrassed to cry in front of someone, that’s perfectly fine. But if they make you feel bad for crying, then why do you want them in your life? If someone isn’t going to let you cry, what makes you so sure they accept you the way you are? Don’t change yourself for people. Show them who you are, what you’re like, and if they aren’t happy with that, then drop them. You don’t need any more negativity in your life.

4. Don’t make homes out of people. Home is not a pair of arms wrapped around you or a building with four walls. Home is a sense, a feeling of self-assurance and comfort. Be your own home.

5. There are 24 hours in a day and 12 months in one year. Stop wasting time on things you don’t like. Don’t drink black coffee if you don’t like it. Don’t finish books you don’t want to read. Don’t be friends with people who hurt you.”

“Five Small Pieces of Advice for the Lost and Confused”

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