4 Ways To Stop A Hangover Before It Kicks Your Ass

preventing hangover

I’m not a big partier myself sooo when I do let loose- my hangovers are BRUTAL. Literally guys, its enough to make me stop drinking for months (no joke).

But I know most of you babes are getting dazzled up in glitter as we speak and starting the night off with lots of champy.

So I’m giving you a super simple (no I’m not making you chug anything green or smelly) way to stop a hangover before it kicks your ass.

1. Cocktail = Water

Alternate cocktails with water. TRUST ME. I’m sure you already know, but staying hydrated is the number one way to prevent a hangover. When you are dehydrated the tissues around your brain actually shrink AKA- why you have a killer headache. Alternating from a drink to water throughout the night is key. Also make sure you drink a nice tall glass of water before bed too!

2. Eat, Girl!

Okay, I get it. Eating before you need to squeeze your booty in a cocktail dress is totes not what you had on your agenda. BUT let me tell you, its mandatory. Not only does drinking on an empty stomach allow alcohol to absorb faster (don’t be that girl) but you will most likely end up feeling sick before the morning rolls around anyways. So, eat tons and tons of healthy carbs and nutrient rich veggies before a night on the town.

P.S. If you fill your body with healthy foods prior to going out- you’ll be less likely to give into those midnight munchies (bad carbs).

3. Electrolytes Are Your BFF

Not only does your bod lose water but it also loses electrolytes when you are dehydrated. To replenish them snack on potassium rich foods like bananas and spinach. I wouldn’t recommend chugging a Gatorade or similar sports drinks because of the amount of sugar in them. But many people swear by Pedialyte– which can be found at your local drug store.

4. Upgrade Your Alcohol

Yes, I’m a broke college girl BUT once I upgraded my alc- I honestly noticed the biggest difference. According to an alcohol metabolism expert, “inexpensive beer, wine and liquor are more likely to have higher congener content. Congeners are the ‘chemical soup’ that results from the fermentation or distillation process. The more expensive liquors are often filtered and triple or more distilled—thus, cleaner alcohol, less junk.” Basically, don’t fill your bod up with junk! Quality not quantity, ladies!

Happy Partying & Happy New Year



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